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Useful information for the correct selection of the appropriate doormat.

Modern entrances to buildings are a showcase emphasizing the character of the building and contribute to its prestige. In addition to connecting with the architecture, a well-equipped entrance has an important utility function – it keeps dirt and moisture brought inside. We have called such solutions the “Clean Entry Zone”.

Zones Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3

Zones description

The functional “Clean Entry zones” should consist of three parts. The efficiency of the zones depends on their length of transition. The more the steps, the more pollutants will be on the doormats. The right solutions are determined by: the size of the building, its location and purpose, and hence the volume of traffic. We provide technical support to select the best solutions.


Entrance to the facility - external zone

Unroofed entrance:
Stops the biggest dirt, mud and snow from shoes. We recommend the use of an aluminum doormat with a brush insert, an openwork rubber mat or a steel grate (steel doormat).



Covered entrance:
The place where the doormat cleans the footwear of remaining impurities and begins the drying process. In this Zone, aluminum mats with a rubber and / or textile insert and Kabe Mate Original doormats are recommended.


Zone 3

The interior of the building:

The entrance mat inside the building dries and absorbs moisture, and also captures dust particles, keeping them in its structure. Recommended here are aluminum doormats with a textile insert, Protect Super and Protect Excellence doormats, Iron Horse and logos sidewalks.


How to properly dimension the wiper?

zdjecie grafika 1 wsparcie techniczne


Width – dimension parallel to the front door.

Length – dimension perpendicular to the front door.

Polentex doormats are manufactured with an accuracy to the millimeter, the correct measurement is a guarantee of obtaining a perfectly matched doormat to the existing hole or system frame.


How to properly divide a large doormat into sections and maintain its functionality?

Podział dużej wycieraczki2

We suggest dividing doormats with a width greater than 3500 mm according to the above graphics so that their joining never occurs in the aisle.

Correct specification of the dimensions of the wiper, what to pay attention to?

grafika 3 SIZE A B C D





SIZE A – The actual size of the doormat

SIZE B – Internal dimension of the aluminum frame (opening clearance)

SIZE C – External dimension of the aluminum frame

SIZE D – The dimension of the hole, recess for the doormat or frame



How to properly install a frame for a given type of doormat?

grafika 4 Combi Junior 12





Combi Junior 12 doormat frame

  • 12x12x2mm- welded to the inside, ideal for small doormats, e.g. residential



  • 12x12x2mm- welded to the outside, the lower shelf of the angle bar hidden under the plate, in this case we do not have to complete the spout after mounting the frame



  • 15x20x2mm- welded or riveted, for Combi Junior 12 doormats with larger dimensions

grafika 5 Combi Standard 17



Combi Standard 17 doormat frame

  • 20x20x2mm- welded or riveted


grafika 6 Combi Standard 22



Combi Standard 22 doormat frame

  • 25x25x3mm- welded or riveted, standard with tines to anchor the frame






Kabe Mat Original doormat frame

  • 25x25x3mm- welded or riveted, standard with tines to anchor the frame



grafika 8 krata stalowa



Steel grating doormat frame

  • 27x30x2mm- welded or riveted, standard with tines to anchor the frame




grafika 9 Protect Excellence Super



Zeno Protect textile doormat frame

  • 10x15x2mm



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