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Polentex was established in 1992 in Gdańsk. Initially, as one of the first companies on the Polish market, we offered rental mats. Currently, we have been producing object-oriented system doormats for over a dozen years.

From the very beginning, our company has set itself the goal of minimizing the amount of pollution brought to the objects on the soles of shoes. In order to meet these tasks, we make sure that our products are made of the highest quality raw materials. By putting quality first, we are able to meet the most demanding projects. The Clean Entry Zones we create are a profitable investment for many years. It is not only saving in caring for the cleanliness and comfort of the building users, but also an unforgettable first impression and prestige.

Our solutions can be found every day, in many public facilities, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, as well as in the entrances to houses and residential buildings. We implement projects all over Poland and abroad.


30 years
on the market


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and professionalism


We have produced hundreds of thousands of square meters of doormats


We will design a clean entrance zone in each facility


Experienced team of employees


Meeting the needs of our clients, we are constantly expanding our offer. Our motto is quality and professionalism, and the greatest satisfaction and motivation to work - the satisfaction of our client.

We constantly striving to develop production technology, and expanding our machine park. We expand the knowledge and competences of our employees who are full of passion and commitment.

We invite you to cooperation. Our team is ready for any challenge.

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